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Tagged (again) by IamDreamland666 and Elforgotten

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters. (Nah)
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

8 FACTS ABOUT Aabeial:

1. I got his name by actually sending a monstrous google link which was basically neverending, and so I looked in between the lines. Old friend and I joked that I had sent Satan's letter, and Aabeial sounded demonic.
2. I originally did think of him as a demon. He fits better as an alien now.
3. He used to have a partner-in-crime named Cwissel. Also a "name" found in between the lines of a monstrous google link.
4. He sounds like this guy.
5. Being a virus, he will mess up any machine he can find. 
6. Please keep your hard drives and usbs away. He likes to "eat" data every now and then, especially if he's weak.
7. Originally he had a human form. He would have been from Singapore if I went on with the idea.
8. His core is found around his hips. His arms and everything else are holograms. He's only physical when he plans on attacking.

8 FACTS ABOUT Sweet Pea:

1. They are neither male nor female. Handsome to their coworkers, pretty to humans, it doesn't matter to them. Regardless, they go by he/she/they pronouns.
2. Sweet Pea belongs to an assassination group, often paired with someone named Foul.
3. They're a performer, usually as a burlesque dancer and even singer.
4. Despite being a gorgeous bird, they actually put misfortune unto others due to their countless of eyes.
5. They consider their small assassination group as their family, as they do not judge Pea. 
6. Friends of theirs often wear a bracelet to be protected by their abilities if too close.
7. They're actually quite monstrous if needed to be.
8. Originally not appreciated by other people, Shrike, their boss, decided to pick them up and accepted them the way they are.

I tag kadoge on either Carmen/Gil or DarkFirestorm123 on Mr. S/Bernardo. 
And arcade-test if you want coz I wanna know more about Cyrille/Hyperion. :heart:


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Hiya, thanks for dropping by!!
I really want to make friends here again, so don't hesitate to drop a comment!
Have a nice day :>

More active here vvv
Tumblr [Art Blog]
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I need to redraw some of SeekerPsycho 's panels coz they are GOLDEN 
Send help as I do errands then finish round scream s
More ocs to draw pls I hunger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
HELLO IM FREE! I want to draw OCS (preferrably otherwise or mutual watchers) so let me know who to draw with a ref and I'll try and get to it! ovo/


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